Henry Ford Receives $20 Million for Pancreatic Cancer Center

Henry Ford Receives $20 Million for Pancreatic Cancer Center

The Detroit-based has announced a $20 million gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous to launch a pancreatic cancer center.

The Henry Ford Pancreatic Cancer Center will focus on global collaborations aimed at developing new methods for the early detection of pancreatic cancer, a devastating disease with a five-year survival rate of only 8 percent. The gift will help establish partnerships between HFHS and national and international organizations to identify new approaches to the detection of pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage than is currently possible. As these partnerships are established, additional financial resources may become available.

Among other things, the gift will support a Multi-Institutional Pancreatic Consortium focused on early detection, data analytics, translational research, precision medicine, and clinical trials; an endowed director's fund for the hiring of a leading clinical and research leader for the center; and an endowed fund for an administrative director for the center.

"We are grateful for this transformational gift that will allow Henry Ford to bring the best minds in the world together to shine an important light on pancreatic cancer," said HFHS president and CEO Wright Lassiter. "It marks a crucial step in advancing pancreatic cancer research with the goal of increasing survivorship for patients diagnosed with this terrible disease."

"." Henry Ford Health System Press Release 04/09/2018.