Health Groups Join Forces to Promote Affordable Care Act

A coalition of health nonprofits, insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical businesses, and other groups have joined forces to promote the , the reports.

Having raised tens of millions of dollars over the past few months, the organizations are working online and on the ground to raise awareness of the law and its benefits. According to the Post, the coalition has a presence in eighteen states and plans to hold strategy sessions and distribute information about the law at a variety of events. On Tuesday, , a leading organization involved in the campaign, launched to provide people with access to information about healthcare changes as they happen.

Elsewhere, , the , the , and — the political action group that grew out of the 2012 Obama re-election campaign — are working to mobilize uninsured healthy Americans to sign up during the Health Insurance Marketplace's open enrollment period, which begins October 1. The Post reports that the work of the coalition and other groups operating independently will be critical to the success of the law. Recent research shows that 78 percent of uninsured Americans do not know about the regulations scheduled to take effect in January.

Ronald Pollack, executive director of and founder of Enroll America, said he believes the discussion around ACA will evolve away from politics this summer as more people try to figure out how it affects them. "What needs to happen in the weeks and months ahead is to help everyone understand how their personal circumstances will be affected by the Affordable Care Act as it gets implemented on January 1," he said.

Sandhya Somashekhar. "." Washington Post 06/18/2013.