Groundswell Fund Awards Liberation Fund Grants Totaling $1.35 Million

Groundswell Fund Awards Liberation Fund Grants Totaling $1.35 Million

The in Oakland, California, has announced grants totaling $1.35 million in support of grassroots organizations working to advance racial and gender justice.

Thirty organizations led by women of color and transgender women of color were awarded inaugural grants from the , a joint project developed after the 2016 elections by the organization and the Groundswell Action Fund, a 501(c)(4). The fund supports individuals and organizations working in the areas of economic and environmental justice; LGBTQ, immigrant, and Native rights; climate change; mass incarceration; immigration detention and deportation; gender-based violence; and anti-black and anti-Muslim discrimination.

Selected with the help of fifteen women of color movement leaders, including Alicia Garza, Linda Sarsour, Mary Hooks, Isa Noyola, and Ai-jen Poo, grant recipients include the (national), the (Flagstaff, Arizona), (New Orleans, Louisiana), , the (national), (San Francisco, California), and the (Atlanta, Georgia).

"Groundswell is honored to team with fifteen prominent women of color movement leaders to bridge a longstanding gap between philanthropy and the grassroots organizing work that is offering the boldest and most effective solutions to white supremacy and misogyny," said Groundswell Fund executive director Vanessa Daniel.

"The Liberation Fund will make it easier for donors and funders to identify and resource some of the most effective and innovative organizing at the grassroots led by women of color and transgender people of color," said Garza, co-founder of . "To elevate women of color and trans people of color at a time when our communities are under extreme duress is not only smart, but essential for our survival. There's never been a better time for donors and funders to put their money directly where change is happening."

For a complete list of (16 pages, PDF), see the Groundswell Fund site.

(Photo credit: Black Mesa Water Coalition)

"." Groundswell Fund Press Release 12/14/2017.