Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Sets $15 Billion Fundraising Goal

The has announced a goal of raising $15 billion to support efforts to prevent and treat the three infectious diseases over the 2014-16 period.

Combined with other funding — including an estimated $37 billion from domestic sources in countries targeted for prevention efforts and $11 billion from other international sources — the goal, if met, will enable the fund to meet nearly 90 percent of the global resource needs required to fight the three diseases. Reaching the goal would mean that millions of cases of malaria could be prevented and 17 million patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis would receive treatment, while more than a million HIV infections would be prevented and antiretroviral therapy would be provided to over 18 million people.

The Global Fund also hopes to increase impact through a new funding model designed to encourage ambitious programs and focus interventions and financing on specific populations and catchment areas, including highly vulnerable, marginalized, and/or stigmatized groups.

"We have a choice: we can invest now or pay forever," said Global Fund executive director Mark Dybul. "Innovations in science and implementation have given us a historic opportunity to completely control these diseases. If we do not, the long-term costs will be staggering."