Giving to Largest Charities Fell 11 Percent in 2009

Giving to Largest Charities Fell 11 Percent in 2009

The nation's largest charitable organizations saw an 11 percent decline in donations in 2009, and they don't expect things to improve much by the end of 2010, the reports.

According to the annual Philanthropy 400 survey published by the , donations to the largest U.S. organizations in 2009 totaled $68.6 billion, down from more than $76 billion in 2008. In 2009, the median amount raised by the four hundred largest charities was $98.8 million, down from $105 million in 2008.

Six of the ten charities that raised the most in 2009 reported a decline in giving. They include , which saw contributions fall 4.5 percent; the , down 8.4 percent; , down more than 27 percent; the , down 40.3 percent; the , down 11 percent; and the , down 17.2 percent. The other four charities in the top ten saw increases: , up 66 percent; the , up 18.1 percent, , up 1.2 percent; and , up 4.5 percent.

"[The survey] shows that charities are really having a tough time, and these are some of the most successful charities in the United States," Chronicle editor Stacy Palmer told the AP. "Usually bigger charities are more resilient, so that's the part that is still surprising."

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