Getty Foundation Awards $8.5 Million to Latino Arts Groups

The has announced grants totaling $8.5 million in support of a series of Latino- and Latin America-themed arts and cultural events across Southern California.

The grants will support forty-three art shows and exhibitions presented by museums and arts institutions that have agreed to participate in the foundation's series, which is scheduled to kick off in the fall of 2017. Recipients of the grants include the in Westwood, which will receive $425,000 for a show on radical women artists; the , which was awarded $310,000 for a survey of how artists in Latin American countries reacted to political oppression during the 20th century; and , which will receive $225,000 for an exhibition devoted to art and science fiction. The foundation also awarded $490,000 to the for a trio of exhibitions, including a retrospective of  Los Angeles artist Carlos Almaraz, a design show that will look at the historic connections between California and Mexico, and a survey devoted to genre-busting contemporary artists.

"Los Angeles is deeply linked to Latin America in its history and in its current demographics," Deborah Marrow, the foundation's director, told the Los Angeles Times. "No one has ever put so many Latin American shows together at one time, especially side by side with shows by Latino artists — so people could dialogue about it."

This will be the third wave of PST shows in Southern California. The first, in 2010, was focused on twentieth-century art from Los Angeles and was supported by $11.5 million in grants from the foundation. The second, staged in 2013, was devoted to modern architecture in Southern California and was supported by $3.7 million from the foundation.

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