Gates Foundation Awards $3 Million for Global Agriculture and Food Initiative

The has announced a $3 million grant from the in support of its .

The council will use the largest single grant in its 91-year history to foster dialogue about the benefits of and opportunities for U.S. investments in developing-country agriculture. The grant also will support a new effort to offer nonpartisan information and analysis to members of Congress on next steps for U.S. policy makers with respect to agricultural development and food security.

Launched in 2008 with support from the Gates Foundation, the initiative has sponsored several studies on the rationale for American leadership and investment in agriculture and food systems in the developing world, including (136 pages, PDF), which argued that U.S. policy in this area could be improved by focusing more on science and innovation, taking steps to boost agriculture- and food-related trade, and supporting greater business activity.

"Agriculture is not only critical to feeding the world, but to raising the incomes of the world's poorest, spurring economic growth, ensuring nutritious food is available, conserving scarce resources like water and land, protecting the environment, and mitigating climate change," said Doug Bereuter, president emeritus of the , who serves as co-chair of the initiative with former U.S. secretary of agriculture Dan Glickman. "A U.S. global food security policy that develops and deploys scientific innovation, increases global trade, and capitalizes on the strengths of business recognizes these important linkages."

"." Chicago Council on Global Affairs Press Release 09/04/2013.