Gates Foundation Awards $1.25 Million for Dual Action Malaria Vaccine

in Watertown, Massachusetts, has announced a $1.25 million grant from the to accelerate the development of a dual-action immune-activating synthetic vaccine particle for malaria.

Selecta's SVP technology can be designed to individually optimize nanoparticles against multiple antigens. If a dual-action nanoparticle vaccine can be developed, it could help an infected person’s immune system fight the parasite in the early stages of infection while also blocking malaria transmission to other individuals via infected mosquitoes. The biodegradable nanoparticle also allows for targeted delivery and controlled release of immune-boosting adjuvants to relevant immune cells, thereby shielding the adjuvants from interactions with cells that may induce the undesirable side effects associated with other adjuvants.

"Working with a global leader in vaccines such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will allow us to maximize our platform's capabilities in the next stage of preclinical studies, in which we aim to show proof of concept for robust and durable responses to two diverse targets relevant to malaria," said Selecta Biosciences president and CEO Werner Cautreels. "This collaboration accelerates our ability to evaluate our technology to treat a range of diseases that impact human health."

"." Selecta Biosciences Press Release 06/17/2014.