Funding to Fight HIV/AIDS Up in Europe, Down in U.S., Reports Find

Total HIV/AIDS-related funding from U.S. and European donors fell slightly in 2009, even as most funders increased their commitments in the face of flat or declining government funding and a growing need for increased HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services, new reports published by the and find.

The reports, (60 pages, PDF) and (60 pages, PDF), found that HIV/AIDS-related funding from U.S. and European donors totaled $738 million, a nearly 2 percent drop from the $752 million donated in 2008. Despite a sluggish economy, funding from European philanthropies jumped 25 percent, from �91 million to �120 million ($152 million); the increase was offset, however, by a 5 percent decline, from $618 million to $585 million, in funding from U.S.-based donors.

The drop in U.S.-based funding was due largely to a decline in grants, from $378 million to $334 million, awarded by the ; the foundation awards 57 percent of all U.S.-based philanthropic HIV/AIDS-related funding. Grant dollars awarded by all other U.S.-based funders increased roughly 6 percent, from $237 million in 2008 to $252 million in 2009.

The report also found that in both Europe and the U.S., HIV/AIDS-related funding remained concentrated among a small group of funders, with the top ten grantmakers contributing 83 percent of all grant dollars. For 2010, 33 percent of U.S. funders, including the Gates Foundation, anticipate reductions in their grantmaking, while 29 percent, including four of the top ten funders, expect to see increases. Among European funders, 38 percent, including six of the top ten, project increases in their HIV/AIDS-related grantmaking.

"As the economy rebounds, we hope that philanthropies will continue to expand their investments in the AIDS response," said Paul De Lay, UNAIDS deputy executive director. "Investments on AIDS are starting to bear fruit as fewer people are becoming infected, and with increased availability of treatment, fewer people are dying — evidence that AIDS is a smart and proven investment that will reduce costs in the long term."

"." European HIV/AIDS Funders Group Press Release 11/16/2010.