Ford Foundation Awards $6 Million to Strengthen International Human Rights Movement

The has announced grants totaling $6.25 million to seven leading human rights organizations as part of an effort to strengthen the global human rights movement.

The grants were awarded to organizations operating in many countries and international forums. Grant recipients include the , the , , , the , International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations, and the . The grants complement a five-year, $50 million initiative the foundation launched last year in support of human rights organizations based outside Europe and the United States.

"The human rights movement has arguably been the most effective and wide-reaching social movement of our time," said Ford Foundation president Darren Walker. "But the movement faces a notably different set of challenges today than it did even fifteen years ago, along with a new set of opportunities for advancing human rights in today's world. The grants we make today will enable these institutions to more actively adapt, diversify, and retool the way the movement works for all of us."

"." Ford Foundation Press Release 09/18/2013.