Fondation Leducq Awards $6 Million for Global Cardiovascular Research Network

in New York City has announced a $6 million grant from Paris-based in support of a new global cardiovascular research network.

Awarded as part of the foundation's , the grant will support efforts to identify cellular and molecular targets and advance cardiac regeneration therapeutics. To that end, the network will convene leading physician-scientists in developmental biology, cardiac stem cell biology, biomarkers, gene therapy, metabolism, immunology, pharmacogenomics, and clinical cardiology, including three researchers from the at the . The researchers hope to better understand the roles of cardiac stem cells, heart muscle cells known as cardiomyocytes, and other cell types that regulate cardiac regeneration and assess their potential to assist in the revival and regeneration of a damaged heart and its tissues.

Established in 1996 to support collaborative work between investigators in North America and Europe, Fondation Leducq to date has supported thirty-nine research networks and more than three hundred and sixty investigators in eighteen countries.

"Working together, our research network has the extraordinary opportunity to investigate novel methods for cardiac regeneration to repair injured hearts," said Roger Hajjar, director of the Cardiovascular Research Center. "Our ultimate mission is to advance this emerging translational medicine field with discovery and the rapid translation of novel cardiac regenerative therapies from the laboratory bench to the patient's clinic for testing in innovative clinical trials."

"." Mount Sinai Hospital Press Release 07/01/2013.