Five Organizations Team Up to Provide Mentors to Disadvantaged Children

With the support of President Bush, five national organizations focused on helping children joined forces in an initiative to provide mentors for disadvantaged American children, reports Reuters.

Leaders of four service groups, , , , and , will team up with Philadelphia-based mentoring organization to organize programs to provide mentors to children for the next five years.

"We've set a goal among us to recruit one million mentors to provide love and comfort to children around America. I can't think of a more noble goal for the organizations here," said President Bush at a White House meeting with organization leaders.

The program also supports President Bush's campaign to fund faith-based social service programs. The House Judiciary Committee approved the President's faith-based proposal last Thursday and government officials expect the bill to appear on the House floor by the end of the summer.

Steve Holland. "Five U.S. Groups Joining Forces to Mentor Children" Reuters 07/02/2001.