Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Announces Graduate Education Fellowships

The in Livermore, California, has announced the 2012 class of Hertz Fellows.

The program provides more than $250,000 for up to five years to fifteen doctoral students working in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences. The foundation also has announced a recapitalization initiative for the program, with the goal of providing additional support to top students in those fields.

For nearly half a century, the foundation has worked to foster the scientific and engineering fields by identifying the best and brightest graduate students in those disciplines. Over the past decade, there has been a major shift in the focus of fellowship candidates, as more and more of them look to apply physical and computational tools to the problems of biomedicine and health. In support of that shift, the foundation is working to build a community of fellows who inspire each other and collaborate on innovations that further augment their contributions to society.

"We invest in young people who will solve our most daunting problems," said the foundation's president, Jay Davis. "These men and women show extraordinary promise. They join the community of leaders who produce advances in science, medicine, technology, business, academia, and government. Scientists and engineers are only 4 percent of the U.S. workforce, but they account for up to 85 percent of the GDP. The top 1 percent is responsible for 90 percent of important discoveries. We believe their creativity and risk-taking bring forth innovation for the technical and economic security of our nation."

"." Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Press Release 03/22/2012.