ExxonMobil Announces $7 Million in Women's Empowerment Grants

ExxonMobil Announces $7 Million in Women's Empowerment Grants

has announced grants totaling $7 million in support of local and global organizations working to advance the economic empowerment of women.

Announced on , the grants will fund research on ways to accelerate women's economic advancement and support programs that assist women entrepreneurs, bolster women's ability to invest and save, and improve the productivity of women farmers. The awards include support for She Counts — an initiative that will enlist the resources of financial service providers to help women save securely, invest in their businesses, and transform their lives; the initiative will be formally launched at the on March 22.

The grants were made through ExxonMobil's , which the company launched in 2005 and which funds data-driven programs and interventions aligned with the findings of the , a framework commissioned by ExxonMobil in partnership with the .

"We invest in programs that are proven to provide women with the skills, training, and support systems needed to increase their productivity and income," said Kevin Murphy, president of the . "We know from comprehensive research that when women move forward, the world moves with them."

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