Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Commits $60 Million to Fight Hunger

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Commits $60 Million to Fight Hunger

The has announced grants totaling $60 million over six years to address food insecurity globally.

The grants were awarded through the foundation's initiative, which was launched in conjunction with the company's sixtieth anniversary. Through the initiative, the foundation will award $10 million annually, including $2.5 million to to fight hunger among seniors and children; $1.5 million to to support food bank operations and infrastructure across Canada; $1 million to the to expand the work of food banks around the world, with a focus on the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, and Spain; and $5 million to local food banks and pantries in U.S. communities served by Enterprise. Each of the annual grants will be renewed for six years.

In addition to the grants, Enterprise will support the initiative with an awareness campaign featuring stories of what is possible when people are running on a "full tank" — that is, when they have enough to eat.

"Enterprise Rent-A-Car is woven into the fabric of the thousands of towns and neighborhoods where we do business, and food insecurity is an issue in all of those communities," said Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation vice president and executive director Carolyn Kindle Betz. "Many times, hunger is invisible to us. We often don't see the signs that someone might be food-insecure or think about the ripple effects of hunger."

"." Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Press Release 10/25/2016.