Edna McConnell Clark Foundation to Fund Child Welfare Center

The has announced an $11.1 million grant to the to create a new center in New York City that will manage the foundation's initiative to protect children from abuse and neglect through public-private partnerships in individual communities.

The initiative, Community Partnerships for Protecting Children, was launched in 1995 to determine the benefits to be derived from community members and child protective services agencies working together to promote child safety. Since then, the foundation has funded such partnerships in Jacksonville, Florida; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Louisville, Kentucky; and St. Louis, Missouri. The grant to the Center, which will be distributed over three years, is an example of the McConnell Clark Foundation's new approach to grantmaking, whereby it provides funding and expertise to independent organizations that execute the foundation's various youth initiatives. The Center will re-grant a large portion of the award to the state and local agencies leading the partnerships.

"We are hopeful that through this initiative we can demonstrate the role of community partnerships in keeping children safer, making families healthier and enabling communities to grow stronger," said Susan Notkin, who has directed the foundation's Program for Children since 1992 and will manage the new Center for Community Partnerships in Child Welfare. "We want to carefully test, support, and eventually 'grow' this new approach so that its potential impact on the child welfare field can be realized."

"Center for Study of Social Policy to Create New Center to Complete and Evaluate Foundation's Child Protection Initiative" Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Press Release 10/15/2001.