Diabetes Association Awards More Than $8.2 Million for Research Projects

Diabetes Association Awards More Than $8.2 Million for Research Projects

The has announced five grants totaling more than $8.2 million through its program, a new initiative to fund one hundred diabetes researchers over the next decade.

To help with the identification of Pathway candidates, accredited U.S. academic and nonprofit research institutions were asked to nominate their most creative scientists. Those scientists were then asked to propose transformational ideas for diabetes research projects. The initial cohort of Pathway scientists, each of whom will receive $1.6 million over five to seven years. includes Joshua Thaler, M.D., Ph.D. of the ; Kathleen Page, M.D., of the ; Wolfgang Peti, Ph.D., of ; Michael Dennis, Ph.D., of ; and Stephen Parker, Ph.D., of the . In addition to financial support, the program will provide the researchers with networks for communication and collaboration, special symposia and speaking engagements, and unique opportunities for collaboration designed to accelerate the translation of their findings into breakthrough discoveries.

Pathway is funded with more than $7 million in gifts from individuals and $25 million in corporate support from Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, and the AstraZeneca/Bristol Myers-Squibb Diabetes Alliance.

"Today, nearly one in eight American adults is living with diabetes, and diagnosed diabetes costs our nation $115 billion each year. The problem of diabetes is unprecedented, so our solution must match it," said ADA Pathway Mentor Advisory Group chair C. Ronald Kahn. "Through identifying and supporting innovative researchers, Pathway to Stop Diabetes is designed to radically transform diabetes research, setting us on the road to breakthrough discoveries, and ultimately a cure to this deadly disease."

"." American Diabetes Association 01/09/2014.