Democracy Fund, First Look Media Award $12 Million for Press Freedom

Democracy Fund, First Look Media Award $12 Million for Press Freedom

The and have announced grants totaling more than $12 million in support of press freedom.

Three nonprofit news organizations, the , the , and , will each receive $3 million in support of their efforts to ensure that journalists have the resources they need to meet the reporting challenges posed by the current political environment. The two organizations also awarded a grant of $500,000 to the at American University to expand accountability reporting collaborations involving university students and professional journalists, and a grant of $275,000 to New York University professor Jay Rosen and for a collaboration that will test new models of community support for investigative reporting.

On its own, the Democracy Fund announced a grant of $800,000 to the to help ensure that investigative journalists have the First Amendment protections and legal support they need to pursue their work, and a $200,000 grant to the . And, building on its ongoing commitment to transforming local news, the organization announced an initial investment of $1 million in a new fund for local and state investigative reporting and issued a call to other funders to join it in building the resource.

"A healthy democracy cannot exist without a vibrant public square in which hard-hitting, independent media inform the public and hold power accountable," said Democracy Fund president Joe Goldman. "Investigative journalists play a crucial role in our political system. We hope this support extends the reach and depth of a remarkable set of nonprofit newsrooms at a pivotal moment in American history."

"." Democracy Fund Press Release 03/25/2017.