Davidson Receives $45 Million From Duke Endowment

Davidson Receives $45 Million From Duke Endowment

in North Carolina has announced a $45 million gift from the in support of a ten-year construction project scheduled to begin in 2013.

The largest gift in the school's history will support the renovation of six buildings representing the academic heart of campus and contribute to new opportunities for curricular expansion. Once completed, the renovated academic "neighborhood" will offer common areas designed to encourage the exchange and generation of ideas across departments, disciplines, and between the arts and sciences.

As part of the new configuration, faculty and staff will be grouped together by the resources they need and their potential interactions with others. In addition, communal areas and flexible spaces — including a café, artist studios, learning labs, shared equipment, and computational facilities — will be designed to promote interactions among all members of the campus community.

"Davidson graduates lead and serve in an increasingly interconnected, rapidly changing world," said the college's president, Carol Quillen. "To stay ahead of these changes, we need to shift how we work, both physically and intellectually. This bold campus plan will enable our exceptional faculty to create a curriculum centered on students doing original work. It will support our dedicated staff as they help students build bridges between learning and life. The Duke Endowment understands the opportunities that our changing world offers, and we cannot thank the trustees enough for endorsing Davidson's vision."

"." Davidson College Press Release 10/11/2012.