David Rockefeller Donates Mount Desert Island Acreage to Nonprofit

David Rockefeller Donates Mount Desert Island Acreage to Nonprofit

David Rockefeller has announced that he will donate a thousand acres on Maine's Mount Desert Island to a local public charity, the reports.

Announced ahead of the billionaire's one hundredth birthday on June 12, the gift to the includes Little Long Pond and surrounding fields, forest, and streams on land bordering . Rockefeller, the retired CEO of Chase Manhattan Corporation and the oldest living member of the Rockefeller family, owns a summer home in Seal Harbor, where he spends most of his holidays and the entire month of August. "Seal Harbor, maybe more than any other location that I can think of in the world, has been important to me since I first came here when I was three months old, in my parents' hands," Rockefeller told the audience at the official announcement of the gift.

Rockefeller's daughter, Neva Rockefeller Goodwin, serves as president of the Land and Garden Preserve, which manages two gardens in nearby Northeast Harbor and a hundred and forty acres of open space near Eliot Mountain. "My father's generosity will ensure that Little Long Pond and the beautiful land and trails around it will always be open to public access for walking, hiking, horseback riding, and the other outdoor activities that are an important part of the allure of the beautiful state of Maine," Goodwin said in a statement. "What a grand and appropriate way for this wonderful man to celebrate his one hundredth birthday." A new trail that cuts across Rockefeller's land from Eliot Mountain is expected to be opened this summer.

"This magnificent state and its wonderful residents have been such an integral part of my family's history," Rockefeller said in a statement announcing the gift. "It is my hope that the public should forever benefit from this beloved tract of land."

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