Dartmouth College Receives $100 Million Anonymous Gift

Dartmouth College Receives $100 Million Anonymous Gift

in Hanover, New Hampshire, has announced a $100 million gift — the largest in its 114-year history — from an anonymous donor.

According to Dartmouth officials, the gift, which includes a two-to-one matching challenge component, is an unqualified endorsement of President Philip J. Hanlon's ('77) vision for the school as a place "where interdisciplinary faculty teams collaborate at the leading edge of discovery and students are given uncommon access to new ideas around the globe through coursework and research opportunities." To help advance that vision, the gift will be used to support Hanlon's recently announced , which aims to create at least thirty endowed faculty positions at the Ivy League school over the next decade.

The gift also will support a range of other programs and initiatives, including a plan for increasing the number of young scholars on campus through an interdisciplinary program; the expansion of the ; a commitment to experiential learning, which emphasizes learning by doing; and the use of learning technologies to enhance the rigorous, highly personal nature of the Dartmouth experience and extend the school's expertise and commitment to teaching around the globe.

"I am deeply honored and grateful for this extraordinary act of generosity," said Hanlon in announcing the gift. "This historic gift is an exceptional vote of confidence as we embark on an exciting journey to ensure Dartmouth remains the preeminent undergraduate institution in the nation; a magnet for human talent; and a college that cultivates a culture of ideas, discovery, and solutions to problems that will make the world a better place."

"." Dartmouth College Press Release 04/09/2014.