Daniels Fund Announces $6 Million in Grants

The Denver-based has announced grants totaling $6 million to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

The majority of the grants were awarded to organizations working to improve education in their communities or to organizations serving seniors, the disabled, and the homeless. Grant recipients in Denver include the Mile High , , the , and the , Denver Chapter.

In New Mexico, grants were awarded to the in Albuquerque and , while in Utah grants were awarded to the in Murray, the in Ogden, and and , both of which are in Salt Lake City. In Wyoming, the fund awarded grants to the in Casper, in Thermopolis, and in Cheyenne.

"The importance of the nonprofit sector to our society and the size of its impact are generally not well known," said Daniels Fund president and CEO Linda Childears. "The amount of good these organizations do is remarkable, and the services they provide to those in need are irreplaceable."

For a complete list of , visit the Daniels Fund Web site.

"." Daniels Fund Press Release 09/16/2013.