Dallas Women's Foundation Awards $3.1 Million in Grants

The has announced more than $3.1 million in grants through its Economic Security Initiative, a nine-year commitment to strengthen sixteen thousand female-headed households in the metro Dallas region.

Over the past two years, grants awarded through the initiative have been targeted at two age groups: women between the ages of 18 and 34 and women 55 and older. Grant recipients working to help women in the first category include , which was awarded a $360,000 grant over three years in support of a collaboration with the to provide financial education, coaching, and counseling to low- to moderate-income women in the region; and the , which will receive $300,000 over three years to address the lack of programs and resources available to low-income women who want to develop and launch their own businesses.

Recipients of grants targeting women age 55 and older include , which was awarded $90,000 over three years to launch a microenterprise program for unemployed older women looking to start in-home childcare businesses that provide culturally and linguistically appropriate childcare services for refugee parents who work outside the home; , which will receive $90,000 over three years to address the needs of older unemployed women through career and employment services; and , which was awarded  $90,000 over three years  in support of a senior employment program that will assist adults age 50 and older by providing them with the skills and confidence needed to secure employment in today's job market.

"In the Dallas metro area, 30 percent of all households are female-headed, yet they represent 53 percent of households living in poverty," said DWF president and CEO Roslyn Dawson Thompson. "The disproportionate numbers of women on the low end of the economic spectrum in our region and state have led us to make a commitment to long-term investment in [the] economic security of women. Our grantees are helping women through job training, entrepreneurship, financial coaching, and other supports that enable women to build and sustain economic security for themselves and their families."

"." Dallas Women's Foundation Press Release 08/04/2014.