CUNY Graduate Center Receives $3.15 Million From Mellon Foundation

The has announced a $3.15 million grant from the to enhance the pedagogical training of doctoral students at .

Beginning in the fall of 2016, the Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance will place twenty-seven CUNY Graduate Center doctoral students at the school, where they will be trained in effective teaching techniques by LaGuardia mentors and master faculty and teach humanities courses based on methodologies proven to benefit all learners — especially disadvantaged students and underrepresented minorities. The grant will also fund an online community platform and two postdoctoral fellowships in support of humanities education and digital scholarly communication research.

"The Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance advances our commitment to research and teaching — the very best research and teaching — as a public good," said CUNY Graduate Center president Chase F. Robinson. "There is no other graduate school in the country that takes more seriously its public responsibilities, or generates more equity. The Mellon Foundation award helps us enhance doctoral training by partnering with LaGuardia Community College, leveraging the extraordinary scale and integration of the university system."

"." City University of New York Press Release 10/19/2015.