Council on Foundations, TechSoup Global Launch Equivalency Determination Service

The has announced the launch of , an online service designed to make giving to projects and organizations outside the United States easier.

A project of the council and , NGOsource uses a process known as equivalency determination (ED) to determine whether a non-U.S. organization is equivalent to a U.S. public charity and saves legally compliant ED information in a central repository for the benefit of U.S. grantmakers and the international organizations they support. NGOsource is currently processing equivalency determinations for the , , and foundations, , and .

Supported by an on-the-ground multilingual global partner network, NGOsource members can use the data in the repository to make their own grants, lessening the administrative and financial burdens for U.S. grantmakers and speeding up the grantmaking process. "For most of the last fourteen years, I've had to seek out and cajole organizations to permit me to use their organizational umbrellas to make my international grants," said Jim Greenbaum, founder and managing director of the Greenbaum Foundation. "More recently, we undertook doing those tedious and time-consuming equivalency determinations ourselves....Now, we can spend our time and resources doing what we do best and leave this part of the nitty-gritty to NGOsource."

"The need for increased global philanthropy to address the myriad challenges we face around the world has never been greater," said TechSoup Global CEO Rebecca Masisak. "The launch of NGOsource will dramatically accelerate the delivery of funds to the NGOs best suited to tackle these issues head-on. NGOsource showcases how expert collaboration, process standardization, and the smart use of technology can be jointly leveraged to significantly increase social good on a global scale."

"." Council on Foundations Press Release 03/18/2013.