Cornell University Announces New Endowed Professorships

Cornell University Announces New Endowed Professorships

has announced a series of gifts to endow new professorships and a graduate student position in its .

The gifts are part of the $40 million , which was launched last May with a $10 million challenge gift from alumni Barton and Susan Sternblitz Winokur (class of '61) with the aim of creating fifteen to twenty-five endowed positions, enable the college to replace retiring faculty, and recruit and retain faculty as well as postdoctoral and graduate students. The endowments range from $1 million for a graduate fellowship to up to $3 million for an existing professorship and $5 million for a new professorship, with the Winokurs providing a 1:3 match toward each commitment.

A gift from Mary Meduski ('80) will establish the Mary Armstrong Meduski '80 Assistant Professor position, designated for a female faculty member and currently held by Samantha Sheppard in the . Richard A. Johnson ('57) and Dale Reis Johnson ('58) have created an assistant professor position, while and Eric Roth ('74) and Laurie Roth ('75) have endowed a new professorship focused on modern Jewish history. And a gift from John Josephson ('83) will support a new graduate or postdoctoral position in the field of computational social sciences.

"Great teachers have the ability to alter student experiences for the good more than any other single factor and great researchers are essential to the reputation and academic standing of a world-class university," said Josephson, chair and CEO of SESAC, Inc. "The opportunity to leverage my own financial commitment to faculty enhancement with a matching grant was too good to pass up."

"." Cornell University Press Release 01/16/2018.