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Deal say over you age from (6/04/16)


The has announced Millennium Trust grants totaling $75,000 to three organizations. Millennium Trust donors are selected at random to serve on an advisory committee that determines the trust's funding priorities for the year and makes grant recommendations to the foundation. This year recipients are Community Cycles, Dental Aid, and Eco-Cycle.


The in New London has announced grants totaling $967,461 in support of organizations working to empower youth and provide basic human services. Awards include $19,130 through the Willimantic Welfare Bureau Grants program, which promotes health and human services in the Willimantic area; $151,281 through the Norwich Youth Grants program, which works to increase opportunities for local youth; and $797,050 through the Southeast General Grants program, which promotes basic needs and rights in the region.


The in Aurora has announced that it awarded scholarships to more than seven hundred students from nearly two hundred funds. Over the next four years, the scholarships are expected to pay out more than $1 million.


The has announced that the Legacy Fund, one of its affiliates, has awarded eleven grants totaling $90,500 in support of organizations and projects in Hamilton County. Recipients include Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Open Doors, Englishton Park United Presbyterian Ministries, and Young Audiences of Indiana.


The , an affiliate of the , has announced four grants totaling $350,000 to the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The grants will support research to identify drugs that can be used to treat atherosclerosis using a cytoskeleton protein, re-purpose the non-toxic drug riluzole to treat triple-negative breast cancer, study the mechanisms of sleep apnea in spinal cord-injury patients, and study the pharmacogenomics of caffeine metabolism in neonates.


The has announced grants totaling $76,900 in support of wellness activities. The recipients are the Myriad Gardens Foundation, the Oklahoma City Community College Foundation, Rainbow Fleet, and the Regional Food Bank.

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