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Deal say over you age from (11/08/14)


The has announced grants totaling more than $394,000 to local groups, including nine grants totaling $25,000 awarded through its Future Philanthropists fund. This year's grant cycle was the first in which two-year grants and grants as large as $10,000 were awarded. Recipients include Success for All Youth, PlanItGreen, the Eleanor Teng Women’s Care and Advocacy Fund, and the Access to Recreation Fund.


The has announced that a new state tax credit, Endow Maryland, is available to donors who build permanent charitable funds for local communities. Starting January 1, Endow Maryland will offer a tax credit for gifts of at least $500 made to permanent endowed funds at qualified community foundations in the state. The foundations may choose to apply the tax credit to donations for a particular purpose. BCF, for example, will use the program to promote giving to its discretionary endowment — funds that are permanently invested to generate income to meet the region’s changing needs. Currently, BCF focuses those resources on improving education and neighborhoods in its service area.


The has announced that, in recognition of the centennial of the Cleveland Foundation, the world’s first community foundation, it will match up to $10,000 in new gifts made during November in support of the Jackson Cascades renovation project. According to WILX, the project, which includes renovations to a plaza, new buildings, and updating mechanical and electrical systems, is expected to cost $9 million.


The has named Justin Persuitti and Margie Soran to its board of directors. Persuitti is a senior investment analyst with Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies, while Soran directs the Soran Foundation.

New Jersey

The has announced that Jeffrey Vega will succeed Nancy Kieling when Kieling retires as president at the end of the year. Vega previously served as president of New Brunswick Tomorrow for fourteen years.

New York

The has announced that it has partnered with the Booth Ferris, Lambent, and Robert Rauschenberg foundations and the David Rockefeller Fund to create the New York City Cultural Agenda Fund and will award grants totaling more than $700,000 to cultural groups in the city over the next eighteen months. The fund was established to ensure that cultural groups, large and small, in neighborhoods across the five boroughs are acknowledged for their contributions and supported equally. In addition to grantmaking, the fund will regularly bring arts organizations, city government, and funders together to discuss the future of cultural policy in the city and will commission research that demonstrates the social impact of the arts and their contribution to the city's economic well-being.


The Middlebury-based has appointed Carolyn Dwyer and Spencer Knapp to its board of directors.

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