Colby College Receives $10 Million for New Athletic Center

Colby College Receives $10 Million for New Athletic Center

in Waterville, Maine, has announced a $10 million gift from alumnus Joe Boulos and his wife, Sheri, for an athletic complex scheduled to open in 2020.

The gift will support construction of a 13,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center within the planned athletic complex, essentially tripling the size of the current training facility. The new complex will accommodate the campus and the surrounding community. In recognition of the gift, the facility will be named the Boulos Family Fitness Center. In addition, the Bouloses committed $350,000 to the Colby Fund, which supports the college's operations and key strategic initiatives, while providing funds for financial aid.

Joe Boulos ('68), the founder of the and , became a Colby overseer in 1991 and joined the board of trustees in 1993. He served as chair from 2005 to 2009. In 2007, Bouloses funded a program that replaces student loans with grants in financial aid packages for Maine students, which the board of trustees extended the program to all students in 2008. The couple also created the Boulos Family Scholarship program, which has provided scholarships of $10,000 each to three hundred and ten Maine veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

"This phenomenal gift from Joe and Sheri Boulos is an expression of their deep and longstanding commitment to Colby," said Colby president David A. Greene. "These two are Colby's most loyal supporters, always jumping in to advance the college. Joe has been the leader for Colby who everyone loves to follow. He is smart, dedicated, strategic, and totally selfless. He and Sheri have never wanted anything but to see Colby thrive."

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