Co-Impact Announces Inaugural Grants Totaling $80 Million

Co-Impact Announces Inaugural Grants Totaling $80 Million

, a funder collaborative that includes several signatories of the , has announced inaugural grants totaling more than $80 million in support of efforts to improve global health, education, and economic opportunity. 

With the goal of creating large-scale social impact through a systems-based approach, Co-Impact announced grants ranging from $10 million to $50 million to organizations and projects aimed at improving the lives of millions of people in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. The first-round grant recipients include the Liberian government's National Community Health Assistant Program, which will work with the , , and other partners to scale and strengthen efforts to advance universal health coverage through the deployment of a community health workforce; and a global multi-stakeholder effort involving , , and the  aimed at helping governments adapt and scale programs proven to help households boost their incomes and assets.

Grants also were awarded to , which is working to increase access to specialty treatment in rural and underserved areas of India by providing front-line clinicians with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions; , a joint venture between  and the  (J-PAL) designed to help African governments develop effective approaches to ensuring that all children have basic literacy and math skills and a solid foundation for lifelong learning; and , a global network of mental health-friendly cities working to leverage the energy and creativity of youth, technology, and cross-sectoral collective action to create social change. 

Co-Impact was launched in 2017 by Olivia Leland, founding director of the Giving Pledge, with $500 million in initial funding from Giving Pledge co-founders ; Giving Pledge signatories and ; New Zealand-born investor Richard Chandler; and the . Giving Pledge signatories , whose has served as Co-Impact's technical partner, also recently joined the collaborative — which now includes more than twenty-five philanthropists, foundations, and funders representing more than a dozen countries — as core partners.

"At Co-Impact, our guiding mission is to make the biggest difference possible in the lives of millions, and I believe that our impressive first round of program partners are poised to do just that," said Leland. "I am also extremely pleased that Rohini and Nandan Nilekani have joined our group of core partners who see the great need — and opportunity — for pooling resources and knowledge to drive large-scale change. Deep collaboration is still a relatively nascent area for philanthropy. Co-Impact and our partners are committed to proving that it not only works but has the potential to drive much greater impact."