Cleveland Foundation Awards $13 Million to Local Nonprofits

Cleveland Foundation Awards $13 Million to Local Nonprofits

The has announced third-quarter grants totaling $13.1 million to local nonprofits in the areas of education, economic development, and new career and technical education strategy.

Grants totaling more than $1.4 million will support the foundation's new career and technical education strategy, which to connect and prepare Cleveland students with real-world work experiences. Awards include $450,000 to the to launch a program aimed at rebuilding a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the community; $140,000 to the for a formal assessment of the current career technical education system; $400,000 to the (MAGNET); and $115,000 to to promote the growth of promising small- to medium-size manufacturing companies in the region.

In addition, the foundation awarded $100,000 to to rebuild the camp's oldest structure, and $80,000 to in support of the Cuyahoga Employment Partnership, a recently formed community collaborative that works to enable youth with disabilities living in Cuyahoga County to acquire and sustain employment within two months of their graduation from high school.

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"." Cleveland Foundation Press Release 09/29/2014.