Chukchansi Tribe Grantmaking Reaches $10 Million

The Chukchansi Tribal Council in Coarsegold, California, has awarded approximately $10 million in grants to local nonprofits, schools, healthcare organizations, and government agencies over the past decade, the reports.

Awarded through the Chukchansi Community Grant Program, the grants have benefited Madera County's five districts, with organizations, schools, and agencies in District 5 receiving the largest share of the funding — nearly $3.4 million — groups in District 1 receiving $1.5 million, groups in District 2 receiving nearly $995,000, and those in District 3 and District 4 receiving more than $1 million and just under $700,000, respectively. An additional $700,000 was awarded out of county and to Tiny Acorn, the Chukchansi organization that handles smaller charitable contributions. The grant program was the result of a legal settlement between the tribe and Madera County following a three-year dispute over taxes and jurisdictional issues.

The largest single grant from the tribe ($312,495) was awarded earlier this year to the , a non-denominational food and clothing bank affiliated with the Mountain Ministerial Association. A portion of those funds will be used by the organization to purchase the property it currently leases and build an addition.

"In our small communities these funds are critical to these programs that make a difference every day to the men, women, and children of our county," said tribal council chair Claudia Gonzales. "I am personally very thankful for the opportunity to be able to provide these funds to the numerous county organizations to assist in improving all they do for the people in the county. We are looking forward to continuing to build our relationship with Madera County."

Brian Wilkinson. "." Sierra Star 12/27/2016.