Chicago Police Receive $10 Million for Crime Lab Partnership

Chicago Police Receive $10 Million for Crime Lab Partnership

The office of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, in partnership with superintendent Eddie Johnson and the , has announced a $10 million gift from Citadel CEO Ken Griffin for a new initiative aimed at reducing violent crime in the city.

The gift will be used to accelerate proven crime-reduction programs, advance technology and data analytics, expand officer training and support, and launch an innovation fund in support of efforts to make Chicago a safer place to live and work. The initiative will build on existing efforts to promote effective and equitable policing in the city, with a focus on support for CPD and the Crime Lab's efforts to leverage data analysis, community input, and technology resources to improve public safety; advance the use of data analytics throughout the department; strengthen CPD officer training, wellness, and other supports; and leverage research and technical expertise to improve safety in every Chicago neighborhood.

"No child, anywhere, should be afraid to walk to school or play outside. A safer Chicago attracts more families and better jobs, and provides a better quality of life for all," said Griffin. "I am proud to support the University of Chicago Crime Lab, whose programs have had a powerful impact on reducing violent crime. I hope this initiative inspires other leaders to join the important efforts by many to make our city safer for everyone."

"This incredibly generous donation will help us deliver on our comprehensive public safety strategy by expanding training, technology, and trust between police and residents," said Emanuel. "This is another demonstration of how civic innovation, academia, and philanthropy can come together to create meaningful and lasting impact for the city we all love."

"." City of Chicago Mayor's Office Press Release 04/11/2018.