Charting Impact Integrated Into GuideStar Exchange

The , , and have announced the integration of into the interface.

Launched two years ago with the help of an IS advisory group, enables nonprofit leaders to share their organizations' stories with a broad audience and provide additional information about the progress, growth, and effectiveness of their organizations through a single Web interface. The GuideStar Exchange program supports nonprofit transparency by encouraging nonprofits to provide additional information on their finances, impact, and effectiveness as a supplement to information collected and made publicly available by the Internal Revenue Service.

The integration of the two programs provides one platform through which nonprofits can connect with donors, funders, volunteers, and others, as well as keep their organizational profiles up to date. Once an organization has used the GuideStar Exchange interface to complete a Charting Impact report, the program will generate a document with a unique URL that is then shared on the GuideStar platform, in BBB Wise Giving Alliance evaluations, and on other nonprofit Web sites and information sources. Reports of Independent Sector members also will appear on the IS Web site.

"The integration of Charting Impact into our GuideStar Exchange program reduces the information-sharing burden on nonprofits," said GuideStar president and CEO Jacob Harold. "It provides a single resource for leaders looking to connect their organizations with the three million people who visit our Web site each year. Moreover, nonprofits can reach millions more who visit our client and partner platforms that use GuideStar's data."

"." GuideStar Press Release 08/14/2013.