Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Awards $3.6 Million to Ease Housing Crisis

The , the limited liability company created by Facebook co-founder , to advance their philanthropic interests, has announced grants totaling $3.6 million in support of efforts to alleviate the housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A $3.1 million grant over three years to (CLSEPA) will support that organization's efforts to provide legal services aimed at helping an additional twenty-five hundred vulnerable families in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, and North Fair Oaks stay in their homes. And a grant of $500,000 over two years to the will support  research and the center's efforts to develop policy solutions aimed at making it easier for families in the region to find, and remain in, sustainable, affordable housing.

"The crisis affects people all across the gamut: middle class and working class, teachers, nurses, service workers...and especially people of color [who] are being written out of our communities by rising rents and unjust evictions," Daniel Saver, senior staff attorney for CLSEPA's housing program, told the . "It's not just a housing crisis that we have; we have a displacement disaster on our hands. We're bleeding people out of our communities every single day."

"While we recognize that there is no single approach to solving the Bay Area's housing crisis," wrote David Plouffe, CZI's president of policy and advocacy, in a Facebook , "these grants will support those working to help families in immediate crisis while supporting research into new ideas to find a long-term solution."

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