Caterpillar Foundation Awards $11 Million to Address Poverty in Africa

Caterpillar Foundation Awards $11 Million to Address Poverty in Africa

As part of its efforts to combat poverty worldwide, the has announced grants totaling $11 million to expand access to electricity, clean water, and safe cookstoves on the African continent.

The grants include an initial investment of $5 million in the to advance advocacy and public policy efforts aimed at ending extreme poverty and improving access to reliable supplies of energy for the nearly 600 million people across Africa who lack power. A second $5 million was awarded to to help fund an extension of a water distribution pipeline into Tanzania and Ethiopia that is expected to benefit more than 126,000 people who currently must travel long distances to collect water from unsanitary sources. In addition, the foundation awarded $1 million to the in support of energy and cookstoves programs designed to educate women and girls in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda about the adverse health and economic effects of household air pollution from traditional cookstoves and the benefits of adopting clean cooking solutions.

"By involving women and girls in the design and sale of clean cookstoves and fuels, we can increase project effectiveness and help scale the adoption of clean cooking products and services around the world," said Radha Muthiah, executive director of the . "With the Caterpillar Foundation's support, we can better integrate women into the value chain and, in doing so, improve the health and well-being of women across Africa."

(Photo credit: Alex Kamweru, United Nations Foundation)

"." Caterpillar Foundation Press Release 08/04/2014.