Catalyst Fund at Tides Foundation Awards $800,000 for Reproductive Justice Projects

The at the San Francisco-based has awarded a total of $800,000 in matching grants to eight public foundations to support reproductive justice work led by women of color.

The grants, which range from $60,000 to $140,000, were awarded to the Chicago Foundation for Women, the New Mexico Community Foundation, the New York Women's Foundation, the Women's Foundation of California, and the Women's Funds of Greater Milwaukee, Hawaii, Miami-Dade County, and New Jersey. Each organization must match its award dollar-for-dollar; Catalyst will provide fundraising and strategic communications training to help the organizations match the funds and develop sustainable sources of future funding.

The Women of Color Working Group of the — a group of fifteen foundations that includes the , , , Tides, and foundations — created the Catalyst Fund earlier this year to address the shortage of assistance for women who experience the greatest health disparities.

"The persistent shortage of funding for an entire sector of women is weakening the ability of all women in the United States to secure their reproductive rights," said working group member Adisa Douglas of the Public Welfare Foundation. "As funders we have the power and responsibility to reverse this trend, and with Catalyst, we now have a key opportunity."

"Catalyst Fund at Tides Foundation Supports Women of Color Leaders With $800,000 for Reproductive Justice Projects" Tides Foundation Press Release 12/12/2007.