Case Foundation Launches Initiative to Help Nonprofits Leverage Social Media

The Washington, D.C.-based has announced the launch of a month-long initiative, , designed to help nonprofits leverage social media to raise money and awareness.

Although research has shown that nonprofits are adopting social media tools at a faster rate than most Fortune 500 companies, many nonprofits still struggle to harness those tools in a way that increases awareness, donations, and engagement. To address the problem, Gear Up for Giving will offer training, expert advice, and resources designed to help nonprofits and individuals navigate the world of social media.

The initiative precedes the launch of the next , which the foundation debuted in 2007 as a way to galvanize nonprofit engagement with social media tools.

"From our very first experiences with social media prior to the challenge launch, we recognized the powerful potential to bring communities together around issues for which they shared a passion," said Case Foundation founder and CEO Jean Case. "As we look forward to launching the next America's Giving Challenge this fall, we believe that the prospects for robust participation by nonprofits are better today than they were in the first challenge, and we are heartened to see that nonprofits have embraced the rapid growth in social media with enthusiasm."

"." Case Foundation Press Release 09/01/2009.