Campaign for Black Male Achievement Announces New Initiatives

Newly spun off by the , the has announced new initiatives in support of organizations working to improve life outcomes for African-American boys and young men.

Marking its official launch as an independent leadership organization on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at an event in Detroit, CBMA announced partnerships to connect skilled volunteers to organizations in the field, match African-American youth with mentors, and bolster the capacity of CBMA members. With support from the and , for instance, the campaign is working with online skills-based volunteer platform to launch , through which Detroit-based CBMA members can post their project needs and access Catchafire's network of twenty-five thousand registered volunteers. Catchafire and CBMA aim to complete a hundred projects in Detroit by the end of 2015 while expanding the program to other cities.

In addition, on Monday the campaign launched "MLK Mentor Day," a joint initiative with the and the to offer high-quality mentorship opportunities and support for young African-American males in cities across the U.S. and Canada. The effort is part of a broader strategy aimed at ensuring that fifty thousand African-American boys are in safe, structured mentoring relationships by year's end.

Established in 2008 as an initiative of OSF, the campaign has teamed with foundation and nonprofit partners to launch the ; created the with ; was instrumental in paving the way for the White House's initiative; seeded the creation of to engage mayors in developing policies and programs aimed at reducing violent deaths among African-American males; and helped launch .

"[T]he field of black male achievement is stronger today than it has ever been and will require greater support to maximize the opportunities before us," Campaign for Black Male Achievement CEO Shawn Dove said in a . "CBMA will now implement the activities of the Institute for Black Male Achievement with a primary focus on building capacity, communicating strategically to help shift national and global narratives around black men and boys, and expanding our network in ways that will more deeply connect and support leaders and organizations like you to be successful."

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