California Wellness Foundation Announces Sabbatical Award Recipients

The in Woodland Hills has announced grants of $35,000 to seven nonprofit organizations through its .

Now in its eleventh year, the program aims to improve the long-term effectiveness of health-focused nonprofits in the state by enabling their chief executives to take off at least three months for rest and reflection and come back to their organizations re-energized. Each organization receives $30,000 to cover its leader's salary during the sabbatical, plus $5,000 to cover expenses related to the professional development of managers and staff who assume extra responsibilities during the leader's absence.

The seven executives receiving sabbatical awards in 2014 are Sherilyn Adams of ; Raul Diaz of ; Mary Anne Foo of the ; Nahla Kayali of ; Kathryn Edith Powell of ; Belinda Rolicheck of ; and Madalynn Rucker of

"This year's honorees provide essential services to their communities — through homeless centers and direct health, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention services," said Fatima Angeles, TCWF interim vice president of programs. "The sabbatical award provides these exceptional leaders with the space to rejuvenate and helps ensure the overall health of their communities."

"." California Wellness Foundation Press Release 07/14/2014.