California Community Foundation Awards More Than $4 Million in Grants

The has announced grants totaling more than $4 million to nonprofit organizations working to address the needs of Los Angeles County's most underserved residents.

The fourth-quarter grants, which boost the foundation's total grantmaking this year to more than $20 million, will support programs and initiatives in the arts, education, health care, housing and economic development, community building, citizenship, immigrant integration, and scholarships.

The majority of the awards will support key CCF initiatives. They include a grant of $150,000 through the to help children and youth in El Monte grow up healthier and better prepared for secondary school, college, and careers; three grants totaling $200,000 through the to increase naturalization rates among eligible immigrants and bolster the long-term sustainability of charitable and community-based organizations that support the naturalization process; four grants totaling $340,000 through the to boost the civic participation of immigrants in the state; $40,000 through in support of programs that provide music, sports, and recreational opportunities to low-income children in South Los Angeles; and five grants totaling $375,000 through the for scholarships and college preparation and completion services designed to increase the number of low-income students who graduate with a postsecondary degree.

"I am proud of the tangible impact our donor and grantee partners are having in our region every day as they work tirelessly to make a positive difference," said CCF president and CEO Antonia Hernández. "We are pleased to collaborate with them to improve the lives of Los Angeles County's most vulnerable residents."  

"." California Community Foundation Press Release 12/16/2014.