Cal Wellness Awards Health Grants Totaling $2.4 Million

The has announced five grants totaling nearly $2.4 million to advance health equity in the state.

The two largest grants will support the collection and dissemination of health data. The , a health data source focused on California's growing and increasingly diverse population, will receive $775,000 over two years in support of its AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition, a tool that provides access to data at the zip code and city levels; enables community-based organizations to produce Web-based video tutorials; and fosters the dissemination of findings from CHIS's State of Health Insurance in California project. And the will receive $600,000 over two year in support of its Achieving Racial Equity Initiative, a multi-partner effort to define, measure, and advocate for racial equity in the state. To that end, the project will use its grant to develop a framework for racial equity, identify baseline data indicators and rank counties and select cities in California; and develop policy reports and advocacy campaigns.

Other grant recipients include the , which will advocate for improved access to health care and healthy land use planning in low-income communities of color; , which will work to ensure the successful expansion of  Medi-Cal; and the , which will work to expand access to postsecondary education for incarcerated and recently released youth and adults.

"We rely on a social-determinants-of-health framework to help us examine the root causes of health inequities, as well as the potential solutions," said Fatima Angeles, the foundation's vice president of programs. "A big part of that work is not only collecting data, but making it accessible and providing tools to help communities work toward health equity locally. As a statewide funder, we understand the importance of advancing wellness in high-need and underresourced pockets of the state, and we are always striving to strengthen our impact by promoting equity through advocacy and access — and that requires smart use of data."

For a complete list of , see the California Wellness Foundation website.

"Cal Wellness Announces Nearly $2.4 Million in Grants." California Wellness Foundation Press Release 03/30/2016.