Cal Poly Receives $110 Million for Math, Science Research

Cal Poly Receives $110 Million for Math, Science Research

Courtesy: Cal Poly

 in San Luis Obispo has announced a commitment of $110 million from alumni William L. and Linda Frost in support of its College of Science and Mathematics.

The gift will advance science and mathematics education at the university by greatly enhancing the resources available for undergraduate research. Plans for the gift include a new interdisciplinary research center with almost 18,000 square feet for science and mathematics facilities. The gift also includes annual payouts of $3.6 million in support of student scholarships and research stipends, cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation, and the hiring of additional instructors, giving faculty members more time to mentor undergraduate students.

Bill Frost worked with his longtime friend Phil Bailey, the dean of Cal Poly's College of Science and Mathematics, to develop the undergraduate program, which is focused on enhancing undergrad research opportunities and enriching students' experiences at the university, making them top prospects for graduate schools and professional careers. The latest commitment from the Frosts includes a gift of $20 million they gave in 2016 toward construction of the research center.

"I see this as an investment in the education and future successes of our science and mathematics students," said Bill Frost. "I want this funding to be used to further enhance the experiences that define Cal Poly and to provide students with research opportunities that will result in their presenting at regional, national and even international professional conferences and co-authoring publications with their faculty mentors in peer-reviewed journals."

"." Cal Poly Press Release 05/03/2017.