Burroughs Wellcome Fund Awards $22.5 Million to Biomedical Researchers

The in North Carolina has announced grants totaling $22.5 million through four award programs to fifty scientists engaged in biomedical research.

Five-year grants of $500,000 each were awarded through the fund's Career Awards at the Scientific Interface program to twelve early-career researchers, including Lacramioara Bintu (), who is studying the dynamics of epigenetic regulation at the single-cell level. In addition, fourteen academic physician scientists were awarded five-year grants of $700,000 through the fund's Career Awards for Medical Scientists program. Recipients include Sahar Nissim (), who is working on the discovery, validation, and characterization of novel familial pancreatic cancer genes.

Through its Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease program, the fund awarded grants of $500,000 over five years to twelve researchers at the assistant professor level, including Li-Jun Ma (), who is investigating supernumerary chromosomes and the pathogenicity of opportunistic fungal infections. And the fund awarded three-year grants of $60,000 grants through its Postdoctoral Enrichment Program to twelve underrepresented minority postdoctoral fellows. Recipients include David M. Garcia (), who specializes in heritable protein aggregation affecting RNA regulation.

"The fund awards excellence at an individual level and provides an opportunity for scientists to leverage our support into long and fruitful careers," said BWF president John E. Burris.

"." Burroughs Wellcome Fund Press Release 06/03/2015.