BU Receives $10.5 Million for Prostate Cancer Research Institute

BU Receives $10.5 Million for Prostate Cancer Research Institute

has announced a $10.5 million grant from trustee and alumnus Richard C. Shipley to create a prostate cancer research center at its .

The Shipley Prostate Cancer Research Center will focus on finding genomic approaches to determine the best way to treat different cancers, eliminating unnecessary treatments that have devastating side effects such as loss of sexual function and incontinence. A $500,000 contribution from BU and a portion of the gift — $1.5 million — will support construction of Shipley Center labs in existing space on the school's campus.

Awarded through the , the gift will provide $400,000 annually for fifteen years in support of projects such as developing genetic tests to determine the threat posed by lesions or the use of blood or urine tests to screen high-risk individuals. In addition, funds will be used to create a designated endowed professorship — for a full, associate, or assistant professor — enabling the university to choose a candidate at the forefront of the research, and to establish a community engagement group of men who are either in a high-risk group or are already diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Richard Shipley, the founder of private equity firm , previously served as president and CEO of , a leading electronic materials and process technology firm founded by his parents in 1957. A longtime supporter of BU, Shipley gave the university $2.5 million in 2008 to endow the Richard C. Shipley Professorship in Management at the and $4 million in 2013 to endow the Beverly A. Brown Professorship for the Improvement of Urban Health.

"Research can provide a paradigm shift in how we diagnose and treat prostate cancer," said director Avrum Spira. "There is a new, broader vision for what we can accomplish in prostate and other cancers in terms of precision genomic medicine."

"." Boston University Press Release 04/21/2016.