Broad Foundation Awards $4 Million for Stem Cell, Digestive Research

Broad Foundation Awards $4 Million for Stem Cell, Digestive Research

The has announced two grants totaling $4 million from the in support of research in the areas of stem cell and digestive diseases.

A $2 million grant to the will support the continuation of its Innovation Award program, which provides scientists pursuing cutting-edge research with seed funding for their projects. The grant brings the foundation's total support for the center to $22 million. The foundation also awarded a $2 million grant to the in support of its and its work to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of chronic bowel diseases. The latest grant boosts the foundation's support for those efforts to $8 million.

"The Broads' generous support has been essential to the development of new therapies that are currently in, or very near, clinical trials for treating blindness, sickle cell disease, and cancer," said Broad Stem Cell Research Center director Owen Witte. "The Broad Stem Cell Research Center's work, supported by critical philanthropic and other resources, is quickly being translated from basic scientific discoveries into new cellular therapies that will change the practice of medicine and offer future treatment options for diseases thought to be incurable, such as muscular dystrophy, autism, and AIDS."

"The Broad Foundation's longstanding support has had a far-reaching impact on advancing investigations centered on inflammatory bowel disease, including the recruitment of distinguished scientists, and support for pioneering research programs and innovations in clinical care," said Gary Gitnick, co-chief of the Division of Digestive Diseases and the Fran and Ray Stark Foundation Chair at the . "Many of the cutting-edge models being used within our IBD programs, such as tissue biobanks and rapid data analysis for drug discovery, have wide-reaching applications for other diseases as well."

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