Bremer Foundation Awards Nearly $5 Million in Grants

The in St. Paul has announced ninety-six grants totaling nearly $5 million to nonprofits in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The foundation awarded sixty-three grants totaling more than $3.2 million to programs and organizations in Minnesota, including $111,848 to the in support of local fundraising and grantmaking efforts; $180,000 to the to support the Farmers Growing Communities project in four Minnesota and Wisconsin communities; and $120,000 to for development of an advanced manufacturing skills program.

In North Dakota, the foundation awarded thirteen grants totaling $700,000, including $100,000 to to expand oral health services for at-risk low-income populations in the state; $100,000 to the to refurbish a residential chemical dependency treatment facility for women with children; and $75,000 to to purchase new equipment.

In addition, the foundation awarded nineteen grants totaling nearly $1 million to organizations in Wisconsin, including $125,000 to in support of an advanced dentistry residency program that will help address the shortage of dentists serving the rural poor in the western part of the state; $130,000 to the to purchase and remodel a building that will house a new library; and $45,260 to to provide access to basic health care and diabetes and mental treatment for uninsured low-income adults.

For a complete list of , visit the Bremer Foundation Web site.

"." Otto Bremer Foundation Press Release 08/12/2013.