Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards More Than $8 Million

The has announced that it will award more than $8 million in support of a multi-institutional international research initiative with implications for the management of various types of cancer.

The first grant made by the newly established Evelyn H. Lauder Founder's Fund — created in memory of BCRF's late founder and board chair, who died in 2011 — will support research on breast cancer mortality, which is caused by cancer cells that spread from the breast to vital organs. Several as yet unidentified academic medical institutions will receive two- to three-year grants for a series of projects that build on recent findings from the , an initiative of the . Projects supported by the Founder's Fund will utilize new genetic sequencing technologies and sophisticated procedures for collecting and analyzing tissue samples from biopsies, many of which have been developed by BCRF-supported researchers.

"The grant from the Evelyn H. Lauder Founder's Fund will support a project that focuses on important new horizons in cancer research," said BCRF acting chair Leonard A. Lauder. "Our support of this expansive type of research underscores the fact that while the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is continuing to blaze new trails in identifying the causes of breast cancer, it is now taking a broader approach that goes far beyond one type of cancer."

"." Breast Cancer Research Foundation Press Release 11/27/2012.