Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards $57 Million

Breast Cancer Research Foundation Awards $57 Million

The has announced grants totaling $57 million for research on a range of topics, including how cancer gets started in the first place and new treatments that improve outcomes and quality of life for breast cancer patients.

Awarded to two hundred and fifty physicians and scientists in fourteen countries, the 2016-17 grants include new investigator awards in the areas of metastatic breast cancer research, tumor genomics, early diagnosis and prevention, health disparities, and breast cancer as a global threat. More than $16 million of the grants awarded will support BCRF's Founder's Fund Initiative, which is focused on metastatic breast cancer, including the biology of why and how cancer cells spread, the development of new treatments for advanced disease, and correlative studies aimed at identifying biomarkers that can predict which breast cancers are more likely to spread.

The foundation also awarded grants for research on improving treatments for breast cancer patients; research in inherited susceptibility and tumor genomics; preventative research; and projects that address the diverse factors affecting disparities in breast cancer outcomes. In addition, the foundation committed more than $4.5 million to international researchers addressing breast cancer's rise as a global public health threat.

"As the largest private funder of breast cancer research this year, we are raising funds and strategically placing them in the hands of leading scientists around the world. We unite around research because we know it is the only path to a future without breast cancer," said BCRF president and CEO Myra Biblowit. "While we've made real progress over the last twenty years, breast cancer is still the most common cancer in women worldwide. Research is progressing rapidly and we are urgently harnessing new and innovative projects while fostering global collaboration to save lives."

"." Breast Cancer Research Foundation Press Release 10/03/2016.