Boston Foundation Announces First Quarterly Grants Under New Guidelines

The has announced its first quarterly grants to area nonprofits under new grant guidelines designed to increase the impact of the foundation's giving.

Each of the announced grants is aligned with at least one of the foundation's nine core strategies, which include accelerating structural reform and promoting innovation in Boston public schools; encouraging healthy behaviors among residents while increasing access to physical activity and healthy food; increasing Greater Boston's competitiveness, efficiency, and prosperity while creating vibrant urban neighborhoods with opportunities for all residents; and building a robust nonprofit sector in Massachusetts. To that end, organizations whose work was closely aligned with the new efforts were provided increased general operating support joined with longer-term financial commitments for initiatives that work to promote thriving residents and vibrant, safe, and affordable neighborhoods and communities.

Grants include $200,000 to the Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits to help organizations restructure in response to the economic downturn; $75,000 to the for general support of the Massachusetts Cultural Data Project, which works to strengthen and celebrate the region's diverse audiences, artists, and nonprofit cultural institutions; $125,000 to the to expand college access and success for Boston high school graduates; and $25,000 to to support its work in achieving sustainability and community impact.

In addition, the foundation awarded a $100,000 grant to to support the organization's work with high-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 11 from surrounding communities in the region.

For a complete list fourth-quarter grants, visit the Web site.

"." Boston Foundation Press Release 12/17/2009.